Voice Controlled ROBOCAR

Introduction : Isn’t amazing for us to do our work sitting at our place or wouldn’t it be really good if you have a robot which can bring items or transport anything to you in small scale. So we are bringing you the prototype model of the Voice Controlled ROBOCAR. Where a small ROBOCAR is controlled with your voice. It works on your voice  commands.

Components Required : Arduino UNO, HC-05 bluetooth module, 100rpm motors,  9v battery, L293D motor driver IC, LEDs(not mandatory), Android Phone with Arduino App, Breadboard, Jumper wires etc.

Explanation : Main part of this project is the voice interface with Arduino and the wireless transmission of voice over Bluetooth module. We make connections as shown in the circuit diagram.

  • HC05 is connected to Arduino and it accepts 3.3v – 5v as input and then Rx pin is connected to Tx pin of Arduino and vice versa.
  • We use L293D motor IC to connect both the motors, which take 9V battery supply for each motor.
  • Write a simple Arduino code which uses serial voice functions and converts voice to text and checks with the standard commands for your bot like FORWARD LEFT,RIGHT etc.
  • Make sure to upload the code and then make the Rx and Tx pin connections of the HC05 bluetooth module, because if you do it after connecting , then the code might break or might get into the transmitting bus of the HC05 and give you (broken piped error)
  • You can put leds if you wish, although they are just for fun, or make robo look dashing.
  • Download the Arduino voice app from playstore or any voice over apps and then connect to the HC05 bluetooth module through your phone.
  • Later give any commands(declared in code) to your phone, which will transmit it to the Robot using the HC05 module.
  • Phone uses Google’s Voice recognition to take in voice and then convert it to string.
  • You can change the speed of the motor using PWM library in the code.

CKT Diagram:

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