Special Coins With Embedded Gemstones


Several major mints have found a way of embedding gemstones into precious metal coins. The methods include sealing the coins in a window and setting the gemstones in the metal. Either way, this inclusion of gemstones significantly increases the value of the coins over what it might otherwise be.

The Perth Mint of Australia has managed to set diamonds in both of its lunar series. One version of both lunar coin series I and lunar coin series II is the one kilogram silver lunar coin with a diamond set in the eye of the subject. These huge silver coins offer a convenient method of buying silver with an added hedge against any drop in silver prices, the diamond. Because of this they usually sell out fast at the mint.

The Perth Mint is also currently in the middle of The Treasures of Australia series, which is being minted in both gold and silver. These coins have a cavity in the bottom half of the coin which contains the treasure between windows. The treasure consists of several stones that are visible from either side of the coin. The issues already minted, starting in 2008 and listed in the order of their annual release, include sapphires, opals, and diamonds. The 2010 issue will be gold and the 2011 issue will be pearls. The silver coins sell out fast, but the pricier gold coins may last a little longer.

The Royal Canadian Mint issues silver coins with a snowflake design that have the six branches of the snowflake each containing a precious stone. This coin are issued in both the amethyst and sapphire editions. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful coins minted.

The Royal Canadian Mint also issues silver coins with a small dinosaur fossil mounted in the coin. While these are interesting and unique, they lack the great beauty of the other coins already mentioned in this article. Still, they are collectible.

The Royal Australian Mint now also mints an interesting coin containing meteorites, which is more attractive than the dinosaur coin. These are available in silver, and may do well as a collectible coin. The meteorites are encased in a central window, and viewable from both sides of the coin.

The Perth Mint and the New Zealand Mint both have a jewelry selection available through their online stores, and since they hold the copyrights to the images of their coins they have the ability to utilize them in their jewelry designs. A perusal of their jewelry is highly recommended.     


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