Speak Out

Speak out is an intelligent glove which translates the gestures or signs that are made by a vocally impaired person into text which can be understood by the normal person. I came up with this idea as one of my friend who was vocally impaired faced a lot of challenges while communicating with us. We used to play along but still he used to hesitate to be in a cricket team as the difficulties were two sided.

Aim and Objective

To develop an intelligent glove for ​the vocally impaired people which​ will serve as an assistant for them in easy proceedings of daily routine​.

Problem Statement

The rudimentary but essential problem for the vocally impaired is to communicate with other people. They have their own language of communication which is known as sign language (ISL for India , ASL for USA, etc). By using sign language they communicate with another person who is aware of sign language or who can speak the sign language. But the problem arrives when the recipient is not versed with sign language.  

  • Difficulty in effective communication of the vocally impaired with normal people.
  • Inability to understand Sign Language.


  • Communication device for the vocally impaired.
  • Integration with existing devices to create a complete ecosystem.
  • Use of neural networks to make the processing faster than the model which was designed earlier,
  • Reduction in the time required to translate sign gesture to a work or letter.
  • Device that can be handy and can be comfortable to the user who is vocally impaired.
  • Wireless communication is made between the glove and the application on the mobile.
  • Device which can be portable.

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