Smart Waste Management System


Waste management is one of the primary problems that the world is facing for many years. Many times, in our city or our surroundings we see that the garbage bins placed at public places get overloaded with waste. Sometimes, This can lead to unhygienic conditions for the people who live in those areas. The proposed idea of the smart trash bin and management system helps in overcoming all those problems related to waste management.

Required Components

  • NodeMCU(ESP8266)
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
  • MPU6050 Gyroscope Sensor
  • Dust bin with lid

Circuit Diagram 


The aim of the project is to build an android application that tracks the level of trash in the bin and notifies the concerned authority regarding the status of the bin. The notification allows the concerned trash collector to come and collect the trash from the bin.

This project uses a smart trash bin that is made by using ultrasonic and gyroscope sensors. The ultrasonic sensor is placed on the closed side of the dustbin’s lid such that the sensor faces inside. The ultrasonic sensor measures the trash level by calculating the distance only when the dustbin is closed with the lid. The gyroscope sensor is used to measure the angle of the lid in order to know when to calculate the trash in the bin.NodeMCU(ESP8266) is used as the microcontroller to calculate the amount of trash using sensors. It is also responsible for sending the amount of trash to the cloud to monitor the trash level in the bin and also the concerned authority gets notified when the bin is filled through an android application.

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