Rugged low-loss cables deliver durability for test environments


L-com introduces a series of 18-GHz low-loss cables that are suited for test environments that require rugged interfaces

Gina Roos, editor-in-chief

an Infinite Electronics brand, has launched a new series of 18-GHz low-loss
cables. Terminated with durable stainless steel connectors, these LL142 and LL335i coaxial cable assemblies are well-suited for test
environments that require rugged, phase-stable cables.

The LL142 and LL335i coax cables operate at higher power with improved phase
stability, said L-com. They use a 0.195-in.- and 0.300-in.-diameter coax with
an expanded dielectric, which delivers 80% and 83% velocity of propagation
(VoP) performance up to 18 GHz.


addition, the triple-shielded flexible coax provides excellent shielding at greater
than 95 dB and a VSWR of less than 1.35:1, said L-com. Other features include a
heavy-duty boot and FEP jacket that improves strain relief and allows for a
minimum bend radius of 0.945 and 1.5 in. for added durability.

The LL142 and LL335i test cables are offered with male-straight and right-angle
versions of Type-N, SMA, and TNC connectors as well as female bulkhead versions for each connector series. The cables
are available in standard lengths from 1 ft. to 10 ft. and can be ordered in
custom lengths. Each assembly is 100% continuity-, Hi-Pot–, and RF-tested prior to
shipment. The cables are available from stock.


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