RoboSlog is the humans behind the robots, a team of passionate people in a field of electronics and artificial intelligence. We work hard to improve things resulting in respect to their previous versions and new technology.

On the other hand, this is a dynamic and kinematic organization. The goal is to ignite the learner’s individual creativity and mental power. 

Above all, we tend to develop a healthy and integrated environment. We work on different technologies and generate products.


The method of classification becomes more relevant as most robots are designed for specific tasks . Electronics, mechanics and software are brought together by robotics. Robots are used for jobs that are dirty, dull and dangerous. For instance, many are designed for assembly work, which may not be readily adaptable for other applications. Some robot’s are specifically designed for heavy load manipulation.

Robotics is a broad field and everyday there is a pioneering invention in the field. Robots were invented by the humans just for fun but by now they are used for assisting humans in various sectors. Human beings are better suitable for multifaceted, imaginative, adaptive jobs, and robots are good for dreary, recurring tasks.

These are usually machines controlling a computer program or electronic circuitry. They are directly controlled by humans. Designing is done such as to look like humans, in which case their behaviour. Most robots do a specific job, and they do not always look like humans. 

Current and potential applications include:

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