This project is based on detection of speed of vehicle. We are going to see, how this system detect speed?

  Nowadays, we are using vehicles for transporting and traveling purposes. Sometimes there was a time bounding for going somewhere for delivering packages or any other work which was important to us. So reaching our destination earlier we drive the vehicle more than speed limit. This causes accidents and sometimes it tends to casualty.

           From a report, there were 1,51,417 deaths due to road accidents in 2018. As many as 97,588 people died in 2018 due to accidents caused by over speeding. As we take percentiles of these numbers, a total of 64.4% of casualties is caused due to over speeding in India. According to the “Road Transport and Highways ministry” report on road accidents in India, 2018.

           So, the aim of this project is ‘detection of over speed of the vehicle’ and reduce the casualty rates due to over speeding on roads.

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. 16× 2 LCD
  3. 10k potentiometer
  4. IR sensor × 2
  5. Register of 220 ohm
  6. Buzzer
  7. Connecting wires
  8. Breadboard

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