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Learn How to write your program!!!

Inforgraphics that shows How to write a program.
Steps to create a program


Q. What is a difference between Algorithm and pseudo-code?

Ans. Lets understand the difference with the program problem example given below.

Difference Between Algorithm and Pseudocode
Source: differencebetween.co

Q. How to draw a flow chart?

Basics on how to draw a flow chart.

for more advanced knowledge consider: https://www.gliffy.com/blog/how-to-flowchart-basic-symbols-part-1-of-3

Q. Why do we need to draw a flow chart?

Ans. The flow chart demonstrates the way code is organized. Program flowchart can help programmers to find the bug in the process before carrying out. It works as a blueprint when analyzing the systems and developing programs, which makes coding more efficient. It improves programmers’ efficiency in maintaining the operating program.

Q. How to write an algorithm?

Ans. Learn how to write an algorithm here: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/programming_methodologies/programming_methodologies_writing_the_algorithm.htm


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