Integrated controller simplifies power design for smart devices


STMicroelectronics’ VIPer222 controller simplifies converter design and reduces the external bill of materials in smart devices

By Gina Roos,

for high-voltage converters up to 8 W, the STMicroelectronics VIPer222 controller
offers a small size and low cost for smart-device applications, including home
appliances, building automation, smart lighting, and smart meters. The VIPer222
is the first in ST’s highly integrated controller family to contain a 730-V
avalanche-rugged power stage for greater reliability.

to integrated features including an error amplifier, current-sensing MOSFET,
and high-voltage startup circuitry, the rugged VIPer222 can be used in a variety
of converter topologies. These include non-isolated flyback converters,
isolated flyback converters with primary-side regulation or secondary-side regulation
using a photo-coupler, buck converters, and buck-boost converters.


features include short-circuit protection, thermal protection, pulse skipping
protection, soft start, and circuitry to manage burst-mode operation for
enhanced efficiency at light load.

device also includes several features that minimize the external bill of
materials (BOM) and simplify the converter design. These include a wide
operating voltage (VCC) range of 4.5 V-30 V, which allows the device to be powered
whatever the desired output voltage is. The low startup voltage of 30 VDC allows
a wide input-voltage range and eases starting at low supply voltages.

addition, the VIPer222’s light-load power consumption of less than 40 mW
simplifies meeting eco-design guidelines, said STMicro, and the jittered PWM
controller allows the use of small filter components.

now, the VIPer222 is available in a 5 x 4 mm SSOP10 package. 


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