Handheld enclosures target wired electronics


OKW releases the STYLE-CASE L-version handheld enclosure, targeting a variety of wired remote control applications

By Gina Roos, editor-in-chief

OKW has expanded its
STYLE-CASE handheld enclosure line with the introduction of the new L version without a battery compartment for wired electronics applications. Providing more space inside for the electronics, the new enclosure is suited for a variety of wired connected electronics, including medical remote controls, and a range of office,
industrial, and household controller applications.


The STYLE-CASE enclosures offer ingress protection up to IP65. They are assembled using tamperproof Torx stainless steel screws, particularly important for medical and wellness applications, said OKW. Screw pillars are on the inside for mounting PCBs and
components. The top is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad or product label.

The line is available in three standard sizes — S (4.84 × 1.89 × 0.94 in.), M (5.79 × 2.20 × 1.06 in.), and L (6.54 × 2.52 × 1.22 in.) — and two types of plastics: high-gloss traffic white (RAL 9016) ASA or black (RAL 9005) PMMA for infrared applications. Both
plastics are rated UL94 HB for flammability.

Accessories include wall holders, IP65 sealing kits, a strain relief clamp, and a flexible cable grommet. Customization is available.


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