GSM Interfacing ARDUINO with PROTEUS Software(Virtual Simulation)


This project solely deals with GSM integrating Arduino UNO board, with performed simulation on Proteus 8 Professional software. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) module, with integrated SIM900D was used and integrated with Arduino UNO. The Output was presented with the help of Virtual Terminals connected to the module setup. The project briefs us about the Arduino and GSM communication and its whole work as a module setup. This kind of setup can be used to do bi-directional communication, with different range of frequencies.


The image is showing the connection between all the modules.


  1. First install the Proteus 8 Professional software from any website according to your PC setup.
  2. Now, Open a project on ‘Schematic capture’ and put select the required components from the ‘Pick Devices’ section in Proteus software
  3. Before entering to the ‘Pick Devices’ section, you should add the required files from the following link:-
    1. (For DHT Library)
    2. Hex file for GSM module and Arduino.
  4. Select the described file from the destination and put at the place as showed in the video given below.
  5. NOTE: – Remember to press “a” as soon as you see the desired output in Virtual terminal 1 to get the output on 2nd Virtual terminal.


Following is link for VIDEO, which will help you to get more clarity: –

HOPE! The above information will help you to get the desired results. Keep Learning.

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