End of Laundry Indicator of Washing Machine


The main purpose of the project is to provide a high-pitched bleeping audible signal during the end of the washing cycle for your washing machine.

End of Laundry Indicator of Washing Machine.jpg

During operation, the Washing Ready Indicator responds to the sound and/or vibration that occur while the washing machine motor is operating. Other sources of sound have only a minimal effect with the correct adjustment. The circuit is not prevented from giving a proper warning even if the loud sound has some temporary effect. An electret microphone insert is included in the sensor.

The circuit can give a signal when the program has reached some point such as leaving the machine on a rinse hold setting. An electrical signal is passed to the main unit which is provided while the motor is running. The warning does not sound while the machine vibrations continue. The warning continues to be held off for a further preset time and after that the buzzer sounds when the vibration stops.

The circuit is safe to construct and to operate since it is battery-operated. The LED should flash brightly by making some tests with the sensor with various positions. To achieve this, a suitable place should be found following the drumming noises of the washing machine. The screened sensor wire is routed between the main unit and the washing machine before plugging it in. The tests should be made under real operating conditions while adjusting and setting the sensitivity of the device.


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