DIY Talking Skull using Arduino


Is Halloween just around the corner? Breaking your head about what to do for halloween? How about a talking skull? That too made using an arduino. Read through the article to learn how to make the perfect talking skull.

DIY Talking Skull using Arduino.jpg

Making the sound shield is the first thing that is required here. A better idea about this can be had by going through these tutorials which gives you step by step instructions on what has to be done.

V1.0 instructions

V1.1 instructions

Next, wire up your LEDs. The Analog 4 spot on the arduino provides 5V that is required for the LEDs. The arduino provides more voltage than what is required for the LEDs and this only a bonus.

Now,the motion sensors and servo has to be linked.The skull was fitted with a small PCB and the connecting wires used in this case was CAT-5 Network cable. This allowed for more portability and could be bundled into a single package.

The voltage reading of the audio that has to be used is to be recorded. This ensures that the skull opens its mouth whenever the sound volume goes higher than a preset values. Once the voltage drops, the jaw is closed by the servo.

Use some wav files for the sound.A proper source code that is to be feed to the arduino was developed. Now the arduino should be connected to the PC to see how it works. Quite Simple. Isn’t it?

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