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Are you an ardent electronics fan? Want to try out new circuits? Read through this article and find out how to make a dynamically balanced vehicle.

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The construction of the vehicle is quite simple and does not involve too many components. The most important and the only component that could come with heavy price tag is the motor. The motor used in this circuit comes with a 62:1 epicyclic gearbox and provides a high impedance. Another option that would prove to be much cheaper is to use either a mabuchi solar motor or a Walkman motor. To maximize the torque, a wheel that is a little larger than motor is utilized. A correcting force has to be given at one end of the dowel and it is for this reason that a one-wheel drive is necessary. The use of a two wheel drive can cause the vehicle to throw its entire weight on one of the wheels and as a result it rotates on the axis of the mast. The wheel that is not driven accounts for the sideways balance and does not provide the steering force.

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A piece of cardboard that is fixed to another piece rests on the ground and this provides the artificial horizon. This makes it possible for the vehicle to move about its axis with less friction.Fine tuning can be done by turning the card from one side to the other.

A Toshiba high-brightness LED is used to construct the photo-electric eye. An 5mm LDR with a high impedance senses the change in the spot of light made by the LED. This causes the motor to move in the reverse direction by means of a relay or a driver IC. An op-amp or a PC printer port can be used as the switching point. Time delays can be programmed as and when necessary and this comes as an advantage when a computer is used.

Batteries can be placed on the vehicle and the weight stops the vehicle from slipping. The dynamically balanced vehicle is now all set and ready to roll.

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