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The article will guide any electronics beginner on how an ATtiny24/44/84 can be constructed. This is quite a simple circuit and the components involved are also limited in number.

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The circuit is an all-in-one module for Atmel ATtiny24/44/84 8-bit microcontrollers. Building a microcontoller module can be very helpful as it reduces the time involved in designing common circuits in microcontroller based projects. A prototype microcontroller requires only 5V of power and has to be connected to I/O lines.

A breadboard or a subcircuit design is what is needed here. Subcircuit designs are characterized by a modular approach that makes it simple. The connections are made easier as the traces on the microcontroller module are seperate.

The ATtiny24 with a low cost and quite a number of I/O and analog inputs is the best choice for this project. The ATtiny 24 would be the best solution for projects that are simple and in scenarios where the Arduino would be too heavy to be supported by the circuit.

The microcontroller module consists of the following:

  • Crystal
  • Filtering capacitors
  • Reset Switch
  • ISP programming header
  • Power LED

For the purpose of easy prototyping, installation of headers was done and and the module was fitted to a breadboard.

In order to minimize the top traces, the board was made as small as possible. To prevent the I/O from burning and to avoid any damage to the microcontroller, an IC is used.

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